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Functional Medicine Health or Fertility Assessment – Initial Evaluation


Includes: full medical history intake; metabolic assessment; a thorough assessment of comprehensive blood labs; Chinese medical assessment/diagnosis; and then dietary, herbal, supplementation, as well as lifestyle recommendations, will be made to help return you to your best health



  • Comprehensive history of health
  • Environmental toxin assessment
  • Detox Questionnaire
  • Genetic variant assessment
  • Metabolic assessment
  • Neurotransmitter/(how hormones can be affected) assessment
  • Recommend lab tests (Could involve blood labs, saliva test, or GI testing, or other.)
  • A thorough assessment will be done and documentation of all findings
  • Best personalized dietary plan specific to findings
  • Lifestyle recommendations
  • Supplementation for best results.
  • **Lab testing is not included in visit cost
  • The visit to go over all the above findings and recommendations
  • This will also include two 15-20 minutes virtual calls to check in and answer questions and get email updates on progress at 1 month and 2 month post initial visit. Email questions are anticipated in between the two virtual calls, if any clarifications are
    needed and will be answered during business hours.