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IVF Pre/Post Transfer

Increase your rate of success with IVF by 20-30%

There are times when utilizing IVF can be a necessity, as with both tubes being blocked, other times it many seem that you’ve tried everything else and this may seem like your best option.

Asian traditional medicine has been used for thousands of years to help women be able to conceive naturally with acupuncture, herbal and dietary support. If you haven’t worked with an acupuncturist well versed in this area, it would be helpful to try this first, if it’s not due to bilateral tubal blockage.

That being said, if IVF is your option, acupuncture has been found to help increase your rate of success with IVF by 20-30%.

This is the most helpful though when done at least a few weeks prior to your retrieval, to help get your system more balanced with all the meds/hormones taken during this time. It is also most effective to have acupuncture on the day of the transfer. At the transfer you are typically needing to feel calm and lower stress levels as much as possible, since with stress, your blood moves to your extremities, not to your reproductive organs where it is most beneficial that day.

Acupuncture is great for helping bring the blood to the uterus and helping you stay calm, especially when this can be done at your Reproductive specialist’s office. Not all RE’s allow this in their facility, but I know that San Diego Fertility is really great about allowing this, but it’s worth asking! Otherwise, acupuncture can be done before you go for your transfer. (Please contact our office for more information on this.)

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