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I’m an Integrative Wellness Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner specializing in women’s health, fertility, and pregnancy, as well as postpartum, and immune conditions.

Hi, I'm Shelly!

I’m an Integrative Wellness Expert, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner specializing in women's health, fertility, and pregnancy, as well as postpartum, and immune conditions.

Meet Shelly Weber-Tompkins

Your body detective, compassionate ear, and fertility mentor.

Nine years after starting my acupuncture practice, I had a revelation. My practice had shifted to focusing fully on my true passion: helping families grow. I was seeing more and more women and couples who needed help conceiving and navigating the tricky waters of fertility treatments. While I loved helping these patients with Chinese medicine, I knew I was just scratching the surface. Sometimes we were successful, other times things were more difficult. A simple question haunted me:

"Why does acupuncture help most of my patients get pregnant, but not all?"

I’m not sure” was not good enough for my inquisitive mind! While I was confident in the power of Chinese medicine,
I knew there was more I could do.

Chinese Medicine & Functional Medicine: A Perfect Pair

Women’s health and fertility were uncommon specialties when I first began my Chinese medicine career, but I devoured every bit of Chinese medicine wisdom I could find on the topic (26 years later and I still obsess over learning everything I can about natural fertility!). I learned how Chinese medicine can help regulate our menstrual cycles, balance hormones, and provide a beautiful foundation for a healthy pregnancy. Through my fertility studies, I discovered a new field of innovative, natural medicine: Functional Medicine. I knew that this field would help give me the ability to better help my patients conceive. I studied with expert doctors to understand and prescribe a wide range of lab and hormone tests. I learned a new way to look at the body, medicine, and diet. With an even greater understanding of the reproductive system, I was able to finally understand why some of my patients weren’t conceiving – and which steps would lead us to better success. Chinese medicine and functional medicine work perfectly together to enhance the body’s own ability to conceive by creating a healthy, fertile environment.

Our Strategy: Plant the Seed for Success

When it comes to getting pregnant, it’s all about a healthy foundation. With both my male and female patients, we spend time getting to know and correct the root issues that are standing in the way of conception. We pinpoint the exact issues and tackle them head on.

We create balance and harmony. We strengthen and relax. We nurture.

My treatment plans are a unique and tailored experience for each patient. Acupuncture is at the heart of what we do, but most plans will include other therapies for the best chances of success. We incorporate specialized herbal formulas, supplements based upon lab results, lifestyle and self-care plans, therapeutic vaginal (yoni) steams, and diet recommendations that enhance our fertility. We embrace ancient tradition and modern technology to create the best treatment plan for each family. With the beauty of Chinese medicine and the clarity of functional medicine, we not only help to encourage conception, but plant the seed for a healthy and happy baby!

Holistic Roots

Shelly Weber-Tompkins is a licensed acupuncturist, certified Functional Medicine practitioner, and an expert in women’s health, gynecology, infertility, and pregnancy wellness. She graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine where she has remained a professor and clinician in OB/GYN as well as male and female infertility. For the past 31 years, Shelly has had the honor and privilege of helping countless couples achieve their dream of having a family. Today, she continues to share her deep passion for Chinese and Functional medicine with patients in her San Diego practice.

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